diet question?

does anyone have a diet or something they do to help lose weight that they swear by?

Diet plan help please ?

Does anyone know a diet plan that helps you lose weight, but you dont have to eat a certain food each day, because i go to school , and im only 13 and i dont have the money to go and buy all this stuff ..

GIRLS! any effective diets ?

so any good diets???

Diet Stewart’s Soda = cancer?

I know there is chemicas in diet soda that are linked to brain cancer- mainly Diet Coke. I was wondering, do these chemicals exist in Diet Stewarts?

What are some cheap diet pills?

What are some CHEAP diet pills that make you lose weight fast? I’m dieting but I need some help! Thanks

Question about how this diet works??

Iv’e done this diet and I have been losing weight. I was curious if someone could explain how exactly? Here is the diet:

Good Food Diets?

Is tuna a good diet? Tuna with mayo?
What are some great diet foods?

Dieting and Cottage cheese?

Ive heard of people crash dieting by only eating cottage cheese along with veggies and other diet food? Is cottage cheese a good diet food?

Diet soda–Mountain Dew……………..?

I have been thinking about going to diet soda. I drink mostly water or plain decafe tea but on occasion I do drink Mountain Dew……does the diet version taste the same??? I know that diet Pepsi tastes differnent. Is it any good–diet Mountain Dew that is–can’t stand diet Pesi

Diet pills that work?

What are some suggestions for some diet pills that work?